Court Hearing #5

We had another court hearing yesterday, the best so far. The judge was not happy with CNA. She felt that they should be working faster. We are in a program called CREERE. This program is supposed to fast track our adoption but overall, it has been slow. We have another court hearing next month, we shall see.

Visit from CNA

Yesterday we had a visit from CNA. They brought a doctor, psychologist, and social worker. to interview Mishell, Patty, and me. They were here for about 4 hours, asked a million questions and took a bunch of pictures. They told Patty and I that this was the first case they had ever seen where the child being adopted lived with the adopting family for ten plus years. It was a positive experience and the plan we have for our family was the same plan that CNA recommended.

Nuevo comienzo

Despuse de 22 anos de haber vivido en casa, no fue fácil decir adios, pero Dios tiene planes y nuestra prioridad en esta nueva etapa de nuestra vida es que Mishell pueda por fin llevar nuestros apellidos.Dios es fiel y yo creo en sus promesas, estoy muy feliz y al mismo tiempo agradecida con Dios y con todas esas personas que hacen posible este sueno.

Al mismo tiempo estoy muy emocionada por que viene nuevos proyectos y trabajos con eso Dios nos da muestras de su amor día con día si caminamos conforme a su propósito . Nuevas aventuras están por empezar cuando se tiempo de Dios les contare mas sobre las oportunidades que Dios ira poniendo al frente.

Gracias por su apoyo y sobre todo por sus constantes oraciones.

Mishell, the final chapter?

4 years after we started the investigation, Patty and I were playing the odds. We knew that CNA could come at any time to take Mishell but we didn’t want to leave Casa without Mishell. We prayed and talked for weeks but in the end we made the decision to wait. 9 years after the last court hearing, we get a call from the court. Mishell has a new court hearing set for September 28th.







We decided that Patty would take Mishell to court for many obvious reasons. The hearing was scheduled for 8am but didn’t start until after 9am. Shortly after the court hearing started, I get a call from the court asking me to come so the judge could speak to both me and Patty. Of course I was scared to death thinking, what did I do now?  The judge asked us to tell the story from the first time we met Mishell. She was amazed that we would take a sick baby into our house and take care of her for 10 years. Improve her health and make her a part of our family. The judge wanted to give Mishell to us and close the case but the attorney from PGN said no. Because I am an American the Hague Convention stopped the process.

Mishell Part 4

For the the first few years that we took care of Mishell, we had many Pediatricians take a look at her case. Every Pediatrician said that she would not live past 5 years old. Patty and I didn’t want to believe that and worked harder to put weight on her. Once she was 5 years old, Patty and I where very nervous but Mishell seemed to improve a little bit everyday. We took Mishell to a Neurologist when she was 5 to check her growth plates. Many Doctors had told us that she had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The MRI showed that Mishell had normal spacing between her growth plates, she did not have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. But there was significant damage to Mishell’s brain form the mothers alcohol and drug use.










Michael was a huge help for Mishell’s progress. Even though Michael was 11 months younger than Mishell, Michael walked and talked before Mishell. Mishell was driven to keep up with Michael which in return helped her to achieve goals that most doctors said she never would be able to reach. They were twins that were 11 months apart.









Patty and I had some extra money and decided to do an investigation to see what the possibilities were for adoption. We hired a company that did a home study, psychological tests, and a family background check. To our surprise, we found out that both of Mishell’s parents were dead. This was the first time that Patty and I realized that adopting Mishell could be a possibility. We decided to take the next step and meet with CNA, a government entity that processes all adoptions. It was a great meeting but we had two road blocks. One was that no adopting couple could live or work at any children’s home and the second was that no adopting couple could know the child they are adopting.